Please Note: Participation in the Vertiv VIP Rewards Program requires submitted individual taxation information prior to participation. Each enrollee is responsible for the taxation of points issued to the account under his or her name.

Participants residing in the United States may click here to download a W-9 form to fill out and submit to the Partner Rewards Headquarters via email at

The name and address that you submit on your W-9 form should match the name and address that will appear on your income tax return.
In lieu of submitting a W-9 form, resellers may submit their legal name, current home address, and Social Security Number on their Program "My Profile" page.
Participants residing in Canada must submit their legal name, birth date, current home address, and Social Insurance Number on their Program "My Profile" page.

For full terms and conditions pertaining to Vertiv Partner Rewards Program participation and taxation, click here for complete rules, or contact the Partner Rewards Customer Hotline at 800-334-5264.